9 Cafe, Restaurant & Nightclub Furniture Suppliers

Starting or enhancing your dining business is not an easy task. Choosing restaurant and nightclub furniture is a big challenge. If you get tired of seeking for the best. Here’s a list of top restaurant and furniture suppliers you can choose from.

  1. Concept collections (South Australia, 444 Pulteney St, Adelaide SA 5000)

Concept collections offer a wide range of quality products specifically designed for the hospitality industry. There’s absolutely no limit to the furniture items they supply: right from modern dining chairs, contemporary chairs to outdoor furniture items. Quite interesting is that they have continued to evolve as the best hospitality and furniture suppliers.

  1. Estilo Commercial (First Floor, 192 Waymouth Street, Adelaide SA 5000)

Founded in 2003, Estilo Commercial offer exclusive furniture supplies sourced from Spanish, Italian and Australian Manufactures who double up as premier designers and constructors of quality loose furniture. Not only do they offer to the hospitality industry, but to commercials and residentials as well. You can visit their showroom anytime and see the wide range of products they offer.

  1. James Richardson Furniture ( 89-101 Gray St, Adelaide SA 5000)

James Richardson is a business that prides itself in the provision of upholstery, hospitality, commercial furniture. There’s a wide range of items you can get from them that will perfectly suit your restaurant or nightclub and make it stand out.

  1. Commercial Vizion (1/39 Carrington Street, Adelaide SA 5000)

Commercial Vizion offer tailor made, cost effective, innovative and quality commercial furniture solutions. They boast of strong links to renowned creative manufacturers, which is the reason behind the splendid items they have to offer. Furthermore, they’ll work more closely with you to ensure you achieve your expectations. This is definitely one of the highly recommended furniture stores.

  1. Now Furniture (45 Gilbert St, Adelaide SA 5000)

For stunning bar, restaurant and nightclub furniture, this is where you ought to turn to. They are specialists in this business with a wide range of products each designed for your specific needs.

  1. Johnswood Contract Furniture Pty Ltd (12 Hurman Street, Adelaide SA 5000)

Johnswood company promises to make your restaurant or nightclub special. They house modern, traditional, contemporary and classic hospitality furniture at very competitive prices. You can as well visit their showroom (open by appointment) and have a look at the wide range of items they have to offer.

  1. The Table and chair Co. (133 Richmond Road, Richmond SA, Australia)

Here’s another company that endeavours to offer excellent furniture to restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs and many other places. They pride in having an extensive range of imported, as well as locally sourced products, in addition to the capacity to customize the furniture to suit your specific requirements. They are operational throughout South Australia.

  1. Sebel furniture (3/49 Naweena Rd, Regency Park SA)

Sebel furniture are suppliers majoring in the supply of cafe and dining furniture, club and lounge furniture as well as outdoor furniture. Their range of items is simply amazing and by visiting them, you will possibly love everything they have to offer. They offer their services throughout South Australia.

  1. KM furniture (36 Kensington Rd, Rose Park SA)

Since 1976, KM furniture has continued to represent what Australian artisans have to offer. If you are looking for beautiful hand-crafted furniture for your restaurant or nightclub, this is one of the furniture suppliers you should visit. Their wide range of furniture will leave you spoilt for choice. KM furniture serves the whole of South Australia, including Adelaide.