Top Restaurants in Adelaide

Adelaide has a lot to say about its delectable dishes and its impeccable taste for traditional, seasonal, and even foreign cuisine. Here is a list of restaurants you can choose from. Any of these won’t fail you, no matter how exquisite is your palate’s preference…

Ginza Japanese Restaurant

48 Unley Rd
Unley SA 5061
+61 8 8357 3888
Get a healthy dose of authentic Japanese cuisine to complete your overall dining experience at Ginza Japanese Restaurant. Sashimi, noodles, sushi, tempura and the likes can be found at Ginza. First time customers will definitely enjoy their visit as the restaurant offers 10% off their first order. Shop and order online and have these dishes delivered right straight through your doors.

Raj on Taj

12/13-23 Unley Rd
Parkside SA 5063
+61 8 8272 3377
Add that extra kick of spice to your dishes and try out a new dining experience at Raj on Taj. Raj on Taj is an Indian inspired restaurant which provides their customers a healthy variety of noteworthy dishes made popular in India. Check out their spicy dishes which include Prawn Sambal, Spicy Butter Chicken, Lamb Mysore, and more can be found at their site.


12 Welbourne St
Mitcham SA 5062
+61 8 8272 8815
Stamps restaurant provides customers an old fashion look and feel with their timber doors and a heritage veranda and vines. What’s modern however, is the food that they serve on a regular basis to their guest. Seasonal menu is provided creating entirely different dishes as the season changes as well as a huge selection of wine that is almost entirely Australian.

Parisi’s Restaurant

138 King William Rd
Hyde Park SA 5061
+61 8 8373 5142
A modern Italian experience awaits customers upon their visit at Parisis. Parisis received its fair share of the spotlight with awards given to the best suburban/local restaurant as well as a business award in formal dining category. If you are looking for an Italian restaurant in Adelaide, look no further. Parisi’s Restaurant is the best one in town.

Indochina Unley

153 Unley Rd
Unley SA 5061
+61 8 8373 5888
Satisfy your cravings for that authentic and out of this world dining experience available at Indochina Unley. Indochina Unley provides Thai cuisines mixed with other Asian delicacies available at their restaurant. A variety of fried rice specialties, Thai curries, noodles, dumplings, spring rolls and more can be found at their restaurant.

Marakesh Restaurant

66 King William Rd
Adelaide SA 5034
+61 8 8299 9901
Breathe new life to your overall dining experience and try a Moroccan cuisine with you and your friends today. You will find such menu served at Marakesh restaurant. Marakesh also provides that authentic Moroccan look and feel with their bright and highly decorated walls. Grab a variety of skewered beef or lamb and mix it in with dips they serve today.

Silk & Spice Thai Restaurant

211 Henley Beach Rd
Torrensville SA 5031
+61 8 8352 8888
Find a diverse range of Thai cuisines from entrée to mains and even dessert available on a regular basis found at Silk & Spice Thai Restaurant. Complete your overall dining experience with Thai inspired soups and salads as well as hot beverages and fortified wines. Bing the flavours with you by taking them home available through their take-away menu.

The Deli

54A George St
Thebarton SA 5031
+61 8 8354 4878
Great atmosphere and ambience with live music and exhibitions available to visitors and guest at the Deli. Chill and unwind with you and your friends with several events available throughout the whole year. A variety of pizzas as well as sharing plates can be found at their menu which makes the Deli a great place for to visit.

Lenzerheide Restaurant

146 Belair Rd
Hawthorn SA 5062
+61 8 8373 3711
Experience fine dining with exceptional service provided to you at Lenzerheide Restaurant. Their services aren’t the only noteworthy feature of Lenzerheide but also its use of the finest local produce with the dishes that they create as well as a great warm and friendly atmosphere.

Zoe’s Restaurant

164 King William Road
Hyde Park SA 5061
+61 8 8271 6668
Food for the gods delivered right straight to your plate is a popular slogan found at Zoe’s restaurants. Experience the look and feel with the ambience and the dishes that they provide to their customers and guests. Try out their traditional and classic dishes served with meat and vegetables or seafood.

Osteria de Mesa

205 Glen Osmond Rd
Frewville SA 5063
+61 8 8379 5004
Find pizzas, pastas, piattini, insalante and more other Italian inspired dishes served fresh at Osteria de Mesa. Osteria de Mesa’s diverse range of Italian menu makes every visit at their restaurant worthwhile. Take your friends with you and enjoy a healthy plate of pizza, pasta or other Italian delicacies available at Osteria de Mesa.


291 Unley Rd
Malvern SA 5061
+61 8 8373 0743
Take your kids with you and experience great exceptional service and food provided at Paparazzi. The restaurant provides breakfast, lunch and dinner menu to their guest and visitors. As mentioned earlier, Paparazzi encourages their customers to bring their child with them as the restaurant is considered to be kid friendly with high chairs and a kids menu available all throughout the day.

Assaggio Ristorante

92-94 King William Rd
Hyde Park SA 5061
+61 8 8272 4748
Eat well and feel good at Assaggio Ristorante. The restaurant provides gluten free and vegetarian options available in separate menu which customers can choose from. Its ambience and setting is also something to look forward to with their upholstered leather feature wall, mosaics and dark wood finishes.

Parwana Afghan Restaurant

124B Henley Beach Rd
Torrensville SA 5031
+61 8 8443 9001
Experience something new with your dining experience by trying out different and new flavors without leaving Adelaide. Parwana Afghan Restaurant provides a Middle Eastern take on their dishes with their Afghani flavors. The food isn’t the only one that is inspired with Middle Eastern influence but also their ambience and setting as well.

Vino Ristorante

46 Unley Rd
Unley SA 5061
+61 8 8272 1277
Vino is an Italian word for wine. As the name of the establishment implies, you will find no shortage of wines when you visit Vino Ristorante. Complete your overall dining experience with pre-dinner or after-dinner beverages available for order. Of course, wines aren’t the only items available at their restaurant as they provide a healthy selection of Italian dishes as well.

Melt Pizzeria

1/160 King William Rd
Hyde Park SA 5061
+61 8 8272 8186
Enjoy a good variety of Italian dishes with you and your friends at Melt Pizzeria. Get good value for your money with group dining with their share the table feature which offers a selection of pizzas, tapas, salad & dessert available for friends. Gluten free options make Melt Pizzeria great for health and fitness enthusiasts as well.

The Pot Food & Wine

160 King William Rd
Hyde Park SA 5061
+61 8 8373 2044
Enjoy a great dining meal provide in small, medium or bigger dosage at the Pot Food & Wine. The restaurant is great for solo or group trips as the menu adjusts accordingly to the needs and preferences of their guests. Try out their tasting menu with 9 dishes and over 5 courses of diverse culinary plate creations.

Kublai Khan Mongolian Restaurant

1-3 St Anns Pl
Parkside SA 5063
+61 8 8272 8688
A feast fit for a king available for you and your friends to enjoy at Kublai Khan Mongolian Restaurant. Have meals served fresh and hot right off the grill at Kublai Khan. Their Victory Feast is great for groups of friends and customers can return as many times as they like. This is available for adults and for children as well.

Urban India

127 Henley Beach Rd
Mile End SA 5031
+61 8 8443 6443
Satisfy your cravings for that authentic dining experience at Urban India. Enjoy Indian delicacies at the heart of the metro which includes curry puffs and vegetable pakora. Their tandoor over style of cooking makes their chicken and fish menu give of that distinct flavor.

Yum Yai Thai Kitchen

176 Henley Beach Rd
Torrensville SA 5031
+61 8 8152

Have a taste of the different flavors of Asia without the need to travel at distant places with Yum Yai Thai Kitchen. Enjoy a healthy dose of spice mixed in different dishes served at Yum Yai. Stir Fries, Noodles & Rice, Curries, as well as unique dishes are available on a regular basis at their restaurant.