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Stewart Dawes graduated from the now defunct Gilles Plains High School in 1982, studied at Adelaide University & then moved to Perth and later Sydney. In 2000 he started the and websites and has been an obese foodie ever since.
Monday’s Coffee Store

Monday’s Coffee Store

  Monday’s Coffee Store brand new to Adelaide, this gorgeous white + minimalist space is like something straight out of Europe. Except, there’s Vegemite on the countertop.   They are a local roaster sourcing the highest possible quality coffee from…

elvis impersonators adelaide parkes elvis festival

Adelaide’s Elvis Impersonators Set To Rock Parkes Festival

Adelaide boasts one of Australia’s best Elvis tribute performers, Joe Bikic. Supported by excellent musicians, Bikic captures the very essence of Elvis Presley’s persona and leaves audiences in the Elvis mood. His professional act includes several costumes from all eras of…

Great Cuisine from Cafe Adelaide in Australia

Astonish Patisserie

393 King William Street, Adelaide Ph: 08 8123 4646 The moment one steps inside Astonish Patisserie, the wonderful smell of the pastries would be the very first thing that welcomes the senses. The displayed pastries would only betray further…

Best Coffee in Adelaide Australia

The Howling Owl Café

13 Frome Street, Adelaide Ph: 08 8227 1611 In Adelaide’s central business district lies this little but very cozy café with a unique name, The Howling Owl. This proves to be the favorite of many of the central business…

Pastries and Treats at Adelaide Cafes in Australia

Taste Baguette at Rundle

214 Rundle Street, Adelaide Ph: 08 8232 3398 It is in Taste Baguette at Rundle that one would experience the great combination of French and Vietnamese cuisine. The baguettes are made in such a way that only the French…

Baked Eggs and Other Treats at Adelaide Cafes in Australia

Hello Yes Café

12 Eliza Street, Adelaide Ph: +61 432 872 270 You could easily mistake Hello Yes Café for being a warehouse building. This is because it is actually designed that way and it is for this reason why people are…

Sweet Treats from Cafe Adelaide in Australia

Two-bit Villains

Shop 128 & 130, Balcony Level, Adelaide Arcade Two-bit Villains is unique because of its 1950’s theme. It is a soda bar that actually fits the description of soda bars several decades ago. It is very popular not only…

Exquisite Cuisine at Adelaide Cafes in Australia

Earth’s Kitchen Café

131 Pirie Street, Adelaide Ph: 08 8215 0458 By its philosophy alone, one could already tell what the Earth’s Kitchen Café has to offer to guests. The owners of the café believe that the food they serve should be…

American Sweets from Adelaide Cafes in Australia

Café Troppo

42 Whitmore Square, Adelaide Ph: 08 8211 8812 If there is one café in Adelaide that is very careful when it comes to the environment, it should be Café Troppo. From the design of the restaurant itself to the…

All-Day Meals from Cafe Adelaide in Australia

Warong at Rundle Place

Adelaide, SA 5000 Ph: 08 8223 7697 When it comes to authentic Southeast Asian food, Warong at Rundle Place is where you should go to. The shop is famous for its Malaysian and Indonesian cuisine, which are mostly starred…