Bean Bar


Bean Bar

Bean Bar serves their famous blend of coffee perfectly roasted using the highest quality beans imported by coffee gurus Aroma Fresh. They also serve a variety of iced coffees, lattes and smoothies guests can enjoy.

Bean Bar stores have now been serving their famous Blend for over eleven years and have developed a reputation for high-quality coffee, delicious food and friendly service. Coffee with PUNCH!


Sick of the milky, lukewarm, dishwater-weak concoctions served up by cafe chains these days? We are too! That’s why Bean Bar has thousands of devoted coffee fans lining up for the rich, full flavoured coffee experience only Bean Bar’s The Blend delivers.


Here are some of the best seller in their menu:

Ham & cheese
Cheese & Tomato
Hame, cheese & tomato

Slimmer’s Choice – no added sugar, low fat. Fresh espresso poured over ice cubes and skim milk

Bacon & egg
Rustic bap

With butter or jam
Ham & cheese

Fresh espresso served with milk, vanilla ice-cream and fresh whipped cream

34A Gouger St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

+61 8 8410 1077