Where To Eat At Morphettville Racecourse

Morphettville Racecourse

If a day at the races hasn’t already taken a bite out of your wallet and you are thinking of tucking in to something delicious yourself, then, Morphettville Racecourse has you covered. There are a number of fine dining options and lots of snacky cheaper outlets as well. Starting at the top end and working our way down I would recommend the Winning Post Restaurant. Be warned, however, they do not let riff raff in, so, if you are from the wrong side of the tracks, the northern Adelaide suburbs maybe, dress up and speak with a plum in your mouth old son.

Where To Eat At Morphettville Racecourse

Hats and gloves are recommended for the ladies and a tie and blazer are recommended for gentlemen. No denim, no exposed midriffs (or crackriffs), no tracksuits, no shorts, no joggers, no torn clothing fashionable or not and no bloody thongs mate! Shirts must be tucked in at all times and tailored trousers are di rigour. Once you have mastered the dress standards you are in for a bit of a treat with the tucker. On arrival you will be greeted with a glass of Moet & Chandon and can choose a two or three course meal. Gambling facilities are closely on-hand for your convenience, and remember that you are located in a prime position overlooking the winning post.

For those denizens of Adelaide who do come from the northern suburbs and are unlikely to gain entry to The Winning Post there is a McDonalds over the road. Just joking, of course, you are allowed entry into the Diva Lounge wearing clean denim, please not that qualification, making sure that your jeans have been washed recently, the day before to be really safe. Hats are still recommended, as are gloves, perhaps the racing industry has investments in the millinery and headwear industries. Australian Free Bets love a clean denim clad punter and hats are optional with this organisation.

Chips and pies are available for the riff raff downstairs in a multitude of places. For those that enjoy a West End in a plastic cup and a Chico roll or toad in the hole these outlets are specifically provided for you and your type. Exposed midriffs are welcome here, as are dirty denim and tracky daks, thongs and joggers. Jogging itself is discouraged around the course, we leave that to the horses old son. Where to eat at Morphettville racecourse and what to wear while you are eating is, as you can see, a highly regulated activity. Bon apetit!