Experience the Freedom of Four Wheel Drive Central Australia Tours

A 4WD car negotiating a rural track in the outback near Mt Surprise, Queensland, Australia

Central Australia, or some would prefer calling it as Alice springs region, is a largely uninhabited area with deserts taking up much of it. The region has some of the most iconic scenery in the country, and the great desert walks in the world. This makes it a perfect destination for an adventurous tour that comes with a true supplement of freedom.

The true freedom and adventure of a central Australia tours is only complete if you take a full four-wheel-drive through the harsh desert crossings. This Central Australia tag along tour is usually considered one of the best ways to enjoy your outback experience. It’s a fully action-packed tour that lets you traverse the region, passing through iconic places such as Uluru and the Palm Valley.

Central Australia and Human Habitation

Though it’s home to Australia’s best tourist attractions, central Australia has limited human habitation. It’s usually considered unsuitable for living because of its huge desert surrounding. These deserts receive less than 150 mm of rainfall annually.

Best Places to Visit While On Your Central Australia Tours

Regardless of the harsh conditions, central Australia still offers you a nice four-wheel drive tour experience. This is seen in some of the action-packed places you can visit and have the greatest adventure. You can see it to yourself in some of our suggestions below;

Uluru and Kata Tjuta National Park

This is arguably the highlight of any central Australia tour. Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is home to the second-largest Monolith in the world at 348 meters. The residents consider it sacred as it’s an area full of culture, art, and history.

The Kata Tjuta National Park is also famous for its marvelous sights of scenic wonders that sum up the Red Center’s beauty.

The Alice Springs Desert Park

One of the best four-wheel drive tours you should look forward to while in central Australia is Alice Spring’s desert Park. It’s one of the Australian Outback’s best tourist attractions. The Desert Park offers you the real outback experience, revealing all of nature’s desert habitat.

The Palm Valley

Palm Valley offers the real freedom of a four-wheel-drive while in central Australia. Its located 130 kilometers west of Alice Springs, and it’s better toured during the day. You can also schedule some overnight stay if need be and enjoy the beauty of this campsite usually characterized by hot showers and free barbeques.

Coober Pedy

Between Alice Springs and Port Augusta, you’ll find the Coober Pedy. It’s underground accommodation, and the chance to see the opals should make you take your four-wheel drive to this unique destination.

The Alice Springs

Your central Australia tour is incomplete without visiting Alice Springs. It’s a significant place since it’s located in the center of the country. Therefore, it makes a good base for exploring the Australian outback and enjoying what Central Australia offers.

Alice Springs is the only inhabited place in central Australia.  It’s considered a sanctuary in an otherwise sea of red sand and rock. You can also own a house in Alice Springs and enjoy services that include a free alternative to renovating the bathroom, among other services offered by the nearest Sydney companies.

 Final Thought

A four-wheel drive tour to any of these places in Central Australia will grant the surreal outback experience you’ve ever dreamt of. Plan your time well and find the best guide to lead you through an action-packed tag along tour full of fun and freedom.