Messy Tomato

Messy Tomato

Join Messy Tomato to try out the Italian-style table delights.

We adore the warmth, the laughing, and the great food in Italian kitchens. This is how we have grown up.

And without gorgeous, ripe tomatoes, of course, you can’t make delicious Italian meals. We think that mixing tomatoes is an ideal example of our legacy in our family kitchens, which have been filled with excellent recipes and full of hospitality for generations.

The deeper version of the Gioie della Tavola, or ‘the delights of the table’ is commonly known to Italians. The joy, the warmth, and the romance made around the Italian table are perhaps the first thing people think of when they think about Italy.

At the Messy Tomato, they are proud to extend the Italian family dinner table, where good conversation with exquisite food and wine is the final memory.

Come and experience, homemade Italian meals every day. From coffee to a creative breakfast dish, Italian meals, and sweets in the morning. All of their dishes are created in an open kitchen using fresh and quality ingredients.

If you’re with them you’re with family, forget about the formality of even the most relaxed eateries. Join Messy Tomato on a great breakfast plate, for a giggle during lunch, a quick (gravely) coffee dose, or a comfortable smiley sweet dessert.

What’s the best on Messy Tomato’s menu?

Funghi Tartuffo––potato rosti with spinach, a trio of mushrooms, poached eggs, and decadent truffle sauce––and a vegan dish with pumpkin hummus, house-made dukkah, avocado, mashed peas, mushrooms, and a massive slice of pumpkin on pumpkin rye toast––are now available for breakfast.

Other favorites, such as the Napolitano poached eggs and bacon on Ciabatta and a Brioche French Toast with mango compote and loads of fruits for summer, are complemented by these new menu offerings.

A spaghetti marinara with house-made fish stock, calamari, prawns, fish, crab meat, and a traditional olive oil and garlic sauce is now available for lunch, as well as a vegetarian pumpkin penne with broccolini and a Mediterranean salad with jalapeno and tahini.


Tony Curcio, the proprietor of the Messy Tomato, says the jalapeno tahini sauce transforms the salad from ordinary to extraordinary.

“People will identify us for something new, fresh, and unusual because we’re known for our pasta and platters.”

Oh, and did we mention that booze is now available? Because the café recently obtained a liquor license, beer, bubbly, and wine will be available all day.

In mid-April, The Messy Tomato will launch a second location in Newton. It, too, will have a liquor license and serve the café’s distinctive meals, as well as some more take-out options.

Check out the Messy Tomato’s Flinders Street location and its future Newton site, but be aware that the drinks and dishes are served with a side of banter at the Messy Tomato.

> Breakfast platters
> House-made pasta and desserts
> Open seven days

Messy Tomato
151 Flinders Street
Adelaide SA 5000
P. 0403 643 452

Mon – Fri 7 am – 4 pm
Sat 8 am – 1 pm
Sun 9 am – 1 pm